WorkflowHub provides sets of workflow execution traces described in a standard format. Workflow traces are described using the JSON format. The schema is available online in our GtiHub repository.

We also provide a set of tools to validate the schema, and to automatically generate workflow traces from workflow execution logs. The ultimate goal is to provide such a schema able to capture most of the workflow characteristics and performance metrics. Below, we provide pointers to the schema and tools repositories:

JSON Schema Schema Tools


Summary of Traces

All traces hosted in WorkflowHub are syntactically and semantically verified. The table below provides a summary of the traces current hosted in the hub. Please, click on the workflow management system name to view further details of the traces and links to download them.


Workflow Management System # Applications # Traces # Platforms
Pegasus 3 61 4 Website


Creating/Distributing Your Own Trace

One of the main goals of WorkflowHub is to foster workflow trace sharing in order to wider the number of applications to be evaluated within simulated experiments. Please, visit the Trace Developer corner to obtain more information on how to create and host your trace with WorkflowHub.